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Iles aux Nattes - a hidden treasure unveiled

Living on an island that can only be reached by pirokee (Einbaum) just quiets your life. Having the feet in white powdersand all the time, looking at turquoise water, hearing the palm trees moving in the wind... it relaxes the soul.

After 2,5 months of traveling it is a nice place to chill out and to think of the past weeks that flew by to quickly.

What is different about this lodge: all guests eat together at one big table. That easily leads to discussions and interesting topics.

So, you meet all kinds of people. Who comes here either works in Madagascar (and you hear a lot about great projects) or is a quite adventurous traveller that has seen all the other hot spots on planet earth and now made it to Madagascar.

I discovered that you can tell quite quickly if a person is at peace with oneself... amazing how some people made negative and destructive talk their habit... even to the point that they talk negatively while sitting in paradise.

Since I have a few more days left in this beautiful nation it is to early to draw a baseline for my Sabbatical. But I can say that I am at peace and somehow "found myself". It feels good.
22.11.14 05:46
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Astrid (22.11.14 22:37)

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