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A child was born

Tonight the miracle I prayed for happened: I attended my first birth.

Before I went to Madagascar I prayed that Tanja will have the chance to deliver a baby when I am here. But since she had been in Germany for 5 months she currently had no pregnant lady she supported. In addition the days I am here are getting less...

When I came to the medical station after lunch today, a woman with a huge belly stood in our parking lot talking to one of the midwives. More in terms of a joke I asked: when is she due? And the midwife said: right now.
I thought, she got me wrong and meant something else.

But: there she was - an answer to my prayer.

Within two hours the baby was delivered. I even was allowed to touch the baby´s head while it got born. A WOW-feeling!

Then, I even cut the cord and entertained the newborn while the midwives took care of the mother.

I am amazed and very thankful to God that I was privileged to share this moment.
3.11.14 21:23
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Astrid (5.11.14 23:30)
Einfach toll!

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