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Balloons & trash kids

While we are heading into rainy season the amount of evenings with a smooth picture-comforting sunlight decrease. But today was one of those perfect days in terms of "light condition" that the photographer in me needed to go out and finally take the pictures at the dump.

After 30min of off road drive (...I told Tanja: I'll be right back!...) I could smell the burning of the plastic. As you probably all have seen on TV: in order to get the inside of cables and other stuff you need to slowly burn the plastic that covers it.

But... to see the families "working" on the dump oneself is a different story.

To be honest: I probably could never find the correct words that describe what is happening there. Therefore I let the pictures do the talking.

Maybe a few side information:
A friend of the midwife I am working with founded a church among the dumpster people a few years ago. Sadly, a few month ago he passed away with the age of 35 - leaving behind a wife and three kids.
Nevertheless, he told the medical team who came to the dumpster regularly to not treat the people for free. For some reason they have enough to live on by what they find in the trash. So, although they are considered "poor" in European eyes they are not in malagasy terms.

This is even more astonishing when you know WHAT gets to the dumpster... Before the trash gets there several stages have been passed where people get things out of the trash "because they can still use it". First stage: your own housekeeping people. Sometimes it is quite hard to know that your left overs are being highly favored by the persons who work for you.
When the trash finally arrives at the dumpster there are only PIECES of plastic and cable and stuff left. And STILL they find enough to build&sell things to buy rice for themselves.
28.10.14 20:04
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