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Trash Can versus Children

What do you usually do with your left overs?

Today I had the privilege to eat some fast food in the one and only fast food chain there is in Madagascar . They serve Pizza, Hamburgers, Fries, Icecream etc. ...

The Cheeseburger was okay, the fries good.

But since I haven't eaten fast-food for quite some time, I really was into some ice-cream afterwards. As it turned out: it wasn't THAT good, I wasn't THAT hungry and we were in a hurry for an appointment. (we had to meet with a truck and staff members to get our solar system which finally reached Tana after several month of traveling by truck and ship from Germany via Paris to Tana.)

So, arriving at the meeting point (a huge dusty parking lot in the outer courts of Tana) the question arose: where do I put my ice cream?

I am long enough here to know that there is no trash can around ...

So I asked someone ... and I got the suggestion to give it to the kids that were playing in the rice fields nearby...
Inwards I fought with my conscience ... Can I really give half-eaten ice-cream to kids??? But... Could I let it rot on the ground, while it could be a joy to someone else? Would it be "joy" for someone else or is it nasty...?

I decided to give it a try and walked towards the kids in the rice field. Some rice fields have water reservoirs next to them and in one of them the 7 and 8 year old boys were swimming and playing. When I came closer they started to scream "Vazar! Vazar!"
So... I waved and started to lay down the ice-cream on the grass next to the water ... thinking that the kids could decide that it is disgusting and just play on.

The opposite happened: as soon as the first one understood that I was giving away my ice cream, he jumped out of the water and ran rapidly to me. Smiling! Waving hands! And gladly taking the ice cream!

His friends were just a few meters behind him ... and - of course - also wanted some ice cream. so ... they started to chase the one with the ice ... still laughing and seemingly having fun.

I walked back to the truck where the solar system was being unloaded ... thinking: Am I grateful enough for what I have?
23.10.14 07:10
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Astrid (23.10.14 12:54)
Ja - das stimmt nachdenklich. Und macht sooo dankbar!

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