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Impressions ... because a pic says more than a thousand words

Every time I go into the city I wonder how in the world I should be able to describe you what it is like ... there are loads of people in all kinds of clothes... like the dad with the Superman-T-Shirt giggling with his son ... the young teens with their football shirts from all kinds of clubs - they probably have never even heard about ... the women in all colorful skirts - not the latest fashion, but somehow still a great mix on the street.

Then you let your sight wander and recognize the cars ... some from the 50s, 60s ... but also the latest Mercedes C350 or Porsche Cayenne ...
In addition a lot of hand-carts pulled by men, big Mercedes Sprinter as Taxi bousse and trucks

This all gives a mixture that you just cannot stop watching and enjoying.

I didnt even mention the little shops, big markets, small mango stands at the roadway or all kinds of car washing & repair possibilities right next to the main roads...

For now, I just post some pics. Enjoy!

19.10.14 18:01
Letzte Einträge: Madagassischer Anti-Ameisen-Tip, oder: was mache ich, wenn die Haushaltshilfe frei hat!?

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Astrid (20.10.14 21:11)
Ein paar Enten kannst du mitbringen - die werden hier gesucht!

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