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Luckily there is cheese in Madagascar

Before I went to Madagascar I was convinced that I had to say goodbye to my cheese for two month. But: there is cheese in Madagascar!
... at least in the three grocery shops that are reachable within a 45 min drive from home ...
... and for a price that is only affordable when you earn your money in EUR or USD ...

so, by comparing the daily diet of people the society can easily be divided in two categories.

Luckily, I have the privilege to belong to category "can afford cheese"... but the mismatch in society is visible every day.

Just to give you a brief impression I took some pictures in a grocery store where only the rich people go shopping - it looks like every Edeka, Rewe or Tesco in Europe.

As a comparison you see a hut where beans, rice, peas etc. are sold. Also one of the many fruit stands I took as an example for the "normal" shopping facility for the majority of the malagasy people.

I might add that we do our shopping in both worlds. Milk, bread, butter and cheese are bought at the grocery store. Vegetables and fruits we get at the market. (of course we have to put every fresh food in chlorine water for 20 minutes before we can eat it, in order to avoid infections. But that is a story for another post...)
18.10.14 23:00
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