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What business can you start in Madagascar?

Yesterday I went with the medical team to a place in the bush where the doctor and a midwife treat patients once a month. (3 hour drive from Tana)

Besides the awesome landscape, questionable road maintenance and a welcoming guesthouse to stay in for the night I had the chance to visit a bag production business. The founders (an English couple, living for 30 years in Madagascar) started the sewing classes 8 years ago. Today there are several women employed and earn enough money to provide for their family and even send their kids to school.

Every bag is signed with the names of the women who produced it. If you want to know more about the women or the business in general, go to

After observing this beautiful place for some weeks I recognized how smart, clever and willing to learn the malagasy people are. All that is missing are the proper jobs. This nation needs production businesses that can employ people. Jobs (for the adults) and education (for the kids and teens) are badly needed. The land itself is rich, the climate great to live and the people just nice.

So ... if you ever had the dream of founding your own business - why not in Madagascar!?
16.10.14 19:26
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