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Die gute alte Stehtoilette ... herrlich verdreckt und widerwärtig stinkend

Today I want to share with you some impressions of the normal life here in Madagascar.

When I walk 200m out of my apartment I am sourrounded by rice fields. Rice is THE main dish of the malagasy people. I was told that malagasy dont feel „full“ if they havent eaten their portion of rice for every meal.
For example, we have a primary school next door that is lead by Europeans. One day the leader thought it would be nice not only to serve rice in the school cantine - so they served pasta. The result was that the kids went home after school and told their parents they didn't get anything to eat in school - not realizing that you could exchange rice ...
When I flew to Madagascar a man sat next to me and started chatting with me. One of the first things he told me: "you will eat a lot of rice."

Since it is spring, the rice just starts growing and it is a very nice green all over the land. Enjoy the pics.

All houses in this region are build of clay-bricks. In walking distance to my home there are large areas where the bricks are made. Therefore the bricks are being formed (lower right picture) and dried in the sun. The dried clay-squares get piled up and then fire is lit between the stones. Every day you see smoke in the distance where a new pile is burning. After burning they are solid. For transportation they get piled up with 8 or 10 stones and they are put on peoples heads - even children at the age of 7 or 8 have to help their parents.
(I try to make a pic of that)
One brick costs 3 Ariary, that is 0,0009 EUR-Cent. In other words for 1 EUR you get 1111 stones. Maybe you should consider to build your home in Madagascar...

A typical impression are the women washing the clothes in the rivers that lead to the rice fields. Even though the water may look quite nice on the pictures I can assure you that it is not the paradise-green or fresh clean mountain water... It is knee-deep water that hardly flows. in 3 km distance is the capital Tana with its 1,8 Mio inhabitants and one of the many dumping grounds (Müllhalde) is just 200m away...
On the upper right picture you see one of the walking ways between the rice fields and some guys going by bike.

Last but not least I invite you to come with me to the zoo...
Not only did I pay 12 times more than a malagasy person just because I am white (discrimination feels awkward!) ... I also had to use "the bathroom".



I would LOVE to post the smell as well ...



I don't have to mention that I even paid 100 AR for the courtesy and privilege of using the facility ...

11.10.14 21:05
Letzte Einträge: Madagassischer Anti-Ameisen-Tip, oder: was mache ich, wenn die Haushaltshilfe frei hat!?

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Astrid (12.10.14 13:27)
Für die Toilettenbenutzungsgebühr hättest du also ca. 33 Ziegelsteine bekommen? Wie wäre es, ein eigenes Klo zu bauen und gegen Entgelt sauber anzubieten - Geschäftsidee???

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