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Excel-Training & Quarkwickel



My first tasks in the office have started: updating the statistics of how many patients come to the Midwive Mobile, digitizing the booking receipts, teaching English classes with medical and office-focus. Fun, so far. 


In addition, I was allowed today to watch a treatment of a patient; the young mother brought her 4-week-old baby and while she was with Tanja, I had the chance of feeding and diaper the little one. *sweet* 

Also, the woman had an infection which had to be cooled - in Germany you would do a Quarkwickel. While Tanja mentioned this she remembered that a milk had gone bad yesterday and that it was still in the fridge. So I hurried to the house, put away the liquid of the milk and kept the white stuff that had sunk to the bottom of the box -> Quark!  


After the treatment I went back to my Excel-Sheets. I think this is a quite nice combination.  


Before lunchtime somebody called Tanja and one hour later she hurried to the airport to fly into the bush to help a birth-giving woman until tomorrow morning.

My task was (and still is) to take care of her two  lovely kids.


The pictures I post today are from this afternoon. I now have a malagasy phone number (my whatsApp still works with the old No). The tortoise (Landschildkroete) is living in the garden and is unexpectedly heavy.

While I was standing outside the neighbors were bringing home their ducks and cattle. In the distance some kids were playing, some older boys were playing "box fight". Even further in the distance you could see people walking and going by bike through the rice fields, heading home in the fading daylight. Really peaceful.




2.10.14 19:16
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