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Last Days in ZA ... I had so much fun

Hey everyone,

the last days have been so full ... meeting people, tasting new food, trying sports, spotting wildlife ... just awesome.

And I learned so many things, e.g.

(1) Always pick up a turtle/tortoise from the top - otherwise it'll pee on your hand.

(2) Tortoises (Landschildkröte) are quite loud when having sex. (we laughed dearly at the safari; therefore I put the pic in)

(3) South Africans LOVE to barbecue! (Here it is called: Braai)
Last week was Heritage Day and we had a Braai in our hostel (upper left pic)

(4) You can hardly walk anywhere save ... that really is sad and annoying. Especially as a woman traveling alone.

(5) A sunrise in ZA looks like a sunrise everywhere else on earth (I put a pic in the blog anyway)

(6) Springbock tastes great! (upper right pic)

(7) When seeing a baby elephant or a baby giraffe, you WANT TO adopt them!!! *sweeeeet*

(8) Almost all cars in ZA are white.

(9) Riding a horse that doesn't listen to you is scary! But riding at a lonely beach is awesome ... you don't wanna stop anyway.


I learned so much more. But that I will tell you in person when showing the pic-book.

Today I am leaving Port Elizabeth to go to Johannesburg by plane. Tonight I will stay in a nice 4****-hotel, enjoying the quietness of a private room and the softness of a really good hotel bed. (Hostels are great for meeting people but my back tells a different story ... )

28.9.14 10:59
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