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Day 3 & 4: Cape of Good Hope

Hey guys,

yesterday has been a great and exhausting day! I did a day-tour to the Cape of Good Hope with a group. On our way we did a boat ride to a seal colony (due to strong winds some nice higher waves) and visited the Penguines in Simons Town. After lunch we road by bike to the Cape of Good Hope (see the fun-pic below) and had a nice walk up and along the cliffs.

When arriving at the light tower we were overwhelmed by the sight of a huge rainbow that spanned the horizon. (you can see it in the last left and the right picture).

In the evening there was a big get together in the hostel with a joined dinner. Fun!

This morning I went to Stellenbosch - a nice quiet town in the north east of Cape Town. Since I wanted an easy day anyways, the weather adjusted itself ... 14 degrees celsius and rain every once in a while. So, I walked through town when there was sun and when rain & hail started to fall I drank a coffee, wrote postcards and read my book.

18.9.14 17:09
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