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Educational Section 2: How does a Cashew tree look like?

Did you know that cashews grow on trees?

Here is the tree:

You can reap the fruit when it is yellow:

The little brown seed under the fruit contains the cashew. The seed needs to be cooked first; after the cooking you get the cashew as we know it.

You can even eat the yellow fruit - but since only our guide ate it I have no idea how it tastes. Often malagasy people would tell me: I can eat it, but I dont know if your stomach will make it ...
To be honest: I dont try when someone tells me that.
25.11.14 13:46

Skills you acquire when you are raised in Madagascar

Kids in Madagascar's remote areas learn so interesting and useful things.

For the past weeks I could spot a girl of the age around 7 who brought the ducks of the family daily to the rice fields. She does it by just using a stick with a bit of plastic at its top. If she has very little ducks she carries them in a basket.

She can easily take care of more than 10 ducks at a time and keeps them together.

Last week I had the chance of taking pictures (while she tried to save her ducks from our car).

Do you think you could do that?
24.11.14 15:25

Simple thoughts and explanations

How do you explain that there are such things like "high tide" and "low tide" (Tidenhub)? And that the coming-water and going-water take a certain amount of time?

Here is the malagasy explanation:
Far away from the little island and the reef there is a huge crab. Whenever the crab comes out of its whole the water will get lower, and whenever the crab gets back into its whole it will push the water back again to "high tide".



And now its your turn! Come on! Tell them about the moon and gravitation ...

When all they see around them are thousands of holes in the sand where crabs live!



I kinda like the picture of the huge crab getting up and laying down and by that influencing the water hight.
I think, I will go with that... at least as long as I am in Madagascar.


Last Monday I asked the cook of the little lodge on the island how the weather will be.
In my mind was this classical weather forecast sheet that hotels use to print out in the morning to let their guests know what they can expect.

But his reaction was priceless: he looked at me, wondering whether I am crazy or want to make fun of him and then he started to laugh!

With all his heart he educated me that you cannot predict the weather! What a funny idea of that white girl!

His words: "the weather changes"


*weatherforecast* ... haha ...


How to transport a pig?

Image you had to transport a real big fat fully grown pig. How would you do it?

Here is one malagasy solution:
1. tie the front and the back legs together
2. tie the mouth
3. put the pig on your scooter (Roller)
4. realize that you also want to take a friend with you; so take the pig off and cut a plate out of carton
5. get on the scooter and put the carton in front of your feet and by that extract the floor of the scooter to pig-size
6. lay the pig on its side on the plate; facing the feet of the pig to the back
7. let your friend hop on the scooter behind you -> ready to go!

(8. drive through town and let all the white people think thats how malagasy people are actually transporting pigs!)

Sidenote: the malagasy who was with me in the car didn't think that there was anything strange about the scene. It was a solution for a problem. And often, that is enough for here. Somehow clever.
23.11.14 19:10

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