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It is malagasy-official: I am crazy

Tonight I had a nice talk with a malagasy guy. He worked a lot with construction of houses and is eager to make very good work. I told him that I need to find a new apartment in Germany when I am getting back. AND I told him what I am looking for: an apartment in an old German house - at least 100 years old - with wooden stairs and wooden floors. I told him how much I like the sound and movement of the old wood when you walk. He looked at me. Stared. Waited. And when he was sure I meant what I said he started to laugh! "With old wood? With a sound like a ghost lives there!?" he asked puzzled/shocked/amused. With a serious face I told him that these apartments are often more expensive than the newly built houses. He laughed even harder! A rich person that WANTS to live in an OLD house! Crazy! Hm ... maybe that idea is crazy ... I am still looking for an apartment in an old house.
29.10.14 22:27
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