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Day 5, 6 & 7: Pinke Gänseblümchen

Hi from Mossel Bay!

The past days have been quite active!

On the pictures you can see a whale which I spotted right from the beach in Hermanus. I took a long walk down the coast line and could spot 5 whales in total. (but I am kind to you and just post one picture... they all are quite look-a-likes anyways. )

With the winds pushing away the clouds it got quite sunny that day so that I lay a lot in the sun aswell.

On my next stop in Mossel Bay I spotted a female whale and its calve again. Its just a wow-feeling to see these enormous animals moving nearby in the water.

This morning I went sandboarding - although I never went skiing or snowboarding. Still ... I somehow managed the sand dune (and the guide tried to make everyone in the group look good on the pics. hahaha) Fun!

The whole afternoon I sat with (several) cups of coffee and tea by the bayside and just relaxed. It is so peaceful hearing the sound of the crashing waves against the shore. I also have to add: It is kind a nice to get warm with tea and coffee every once in a while since it is quite cold in the winds and I am cold for a week now.

Nevertheless, I really start to love this country and daydream about living here.

This idea deepend when I walked along the coastline seeing PINK Gänseblümchen/daisy. PINK ones!!!


I think, I could most definitely live here ...

*** pink ***

21.9.14 22:50
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